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July 11, 2017


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Bill’s Fishing Report

With plenty of water skiers headed to New Melones and the other local lakes in an attempt to escape the summer heat, it tends to make fishing a little more difficult for some of us.
Kokanee and Bass anglers need to make a few adjustments when it comes to staying on the bite. The anglers familiar with fishing during the high traffic weekends have a few ways to find the fish. One method is fishing a little deeper during those high traffic days, but first take advantage of the best part of the day, the morning bite. When the water is flat as glass, go ahead, tie on a topwater lure and work the shoreline and for the trout and kokanee fishermen troll a little shallower and hit those areas you won’t be able to get to when boat traffic becomes too much.
Some of the hardcore fishermen always say “as soon as the weekend boaters start putting their boats in the water I’m out!” The truth about fishing is you never know if the next cast is going to give up that big fish. I believe the fish of a life time could happen on the next cast, you know the one… when your kid is saying, dad can we go home now?  You’re reply is “One more cast son” There is no rules about when a big fish is going to hit your lure. It doesn’t matter what kind of boat your fishing out of, or what kind of day it is, that fish is there and it’s going to eat sometime.
In order to catch that Hog, you have to have your bait in the water. Do all you can to be on the water with a pole out and fish!   
I heard from some old timer that said the definition of luck was opportunity and preparation happening at the same time. So when your opportunity confronts you, make sure you check your drag, tie that fancy knot properly, and remember to bring the net!
Fishing Report
New Melones
The lake is just about topped off, even with the release of water the lake is still rising, currently at 1069.00 just 19 ft. from full. Water temperature is 78 d. There has been some quality Kokanee being caught in the main lake from the dam to the spillway trolling between 45 and 70 ft. deep with pink hoochies trailing behind a pink/pearl white Vance’s Tackle dodger. 
Rob Schlick boated a beautiful 24 inch 5 lb rainbow trout in the house boat area. 

Local Guide Gary Burns has been boating some nice trout while trying for Kokanee.  Over all it seems the trout are more active and on the bite the last couple of weeks. People fishing with the standard hoochie setups with some kokanee corn or a piece of night crawler on the tip of the hook should do it. If you’re not sure how to rig it up, stop by the Glory Hole Sports on the way to the lake and there top notch staff would be happy to show you rigging your gear.

The bass bite is continually getting better it’s only a matter of time before someone breaks the current lake record. Conditions are prime working 
shad colored spinner baits along shoreline structure will prove to be successful or drop shoting rocky drop offs.

The crappie bite is picking up again with small to medium minnows and crappie jigs near vertical structure and submerged tree cover.Catfish are hanging around the banks,use stink bait and you’ll be ok, or try a nighcrawler ball or chicken liver.Live minnows work great at night close to the bank.

Lake Pardee
Recent plant of 4,500 pounds of Rainbows were released into Pardee this past weekend,and there is one more scheduled to arrive from DFW. There is a plant scheduled to happen once a month for the remainder of the summer months. The Kokanee bite was outstanding a week ago but has currently slowed down. Kokanee are being caught at the south end of the lake at depths from 45 feet to the surface using pink or orange micro hoochies.

Lake Amador

The last trout plant was stocked into the lake before Memorial Day weekend with 600 lbs. of Lightning Trout. They say the fish are holding at 15 feet in the morning then going deeper in the afternoon. Power bait, Kastmasters, and nightcrawlers are working.

Lake Comanche

Trout plants are over for the season. Between the dam, Little Hat, and Big Hat Island trout are still being caught . Bass fishing has been consistent with several large bass in the 6-8 lb. range being weighed in and released. Crappie are still found near vertical structure using small minnows or small jigs. 

New Hogan

Bass fishing has been picking up. Throwing crawdad crank baits and topwater in the morning has been successful. Striped bass anglers trolling are still hooking up pulling shad on a harness rig in the main lake in front of the launch ramp area and the dam. Stripers have a 10 fish limit.
Jimmie Velazquez of Waterford hooked up this nice 2 lb.11 oz.rainbow trout fishing New Melones Lake. He was trolling north of Rose Island, at 60 ft. using double bladed spinner below a Seps pink and teal blade with garlic scent.

Michelle Mayfield and family came out July 7th and 8th for some catfishing, and stopped by Glory Hole Sports for some gear and food. What a great family, thanks for sharing the 5.89 lb cat! 

Take it to the Limit Guide Service Fishing Report

On Sun. we put 6 hog bows in the boat up to 5 lbs

New Melones  is a little shy on the Kokanee this year but the bows are out strutting their stuff. In 3 trips we put 25 bows in the boat this week and lost 5 koks, not a bad week of fishing.
Most of the bows are 2lbs to 4 lbs with a few around 5lbs, all have nice pink fillets and are great eating.
Rocky Mt. Tackle Dodgers in pink or orange Moonshine towing pink and purple Apexs or pink Wiggle Hoochies top off with garlic corn or a small chunk of night crawler has been doing the trick for us weeks.
The main lake between the dam and Rose Island,down from 56′ to 64′ trolling 1.5 did the trick.
We have been using all Kokanee gear hoping to catch koks and the bows love it. I looked in my records from last year and we put a lot more Kokanee in July than we did in June so there is still a little hope, I know one thing for a fact the will be big.
My goal is to put a 3lbs Kokanee in the boat this year, it can be done.

See Ya On The Water
Take it to the Limit Guide Service
Gary Burns
Xperience Fishing Guide Service Fishing Report
  • Xperience Fishing Guide Service
    Guide: John Liechty
    Bass Fishing Report
    June 18, 2017
    What a great week we had on New Melones Lake. I spent a few days on the water for my
    Guide Service, and I also had a chance to do some fun fishing and filming. The bite had
    been relatively tough for the past couple weeks, but this week we caught them. We dialed in
    on where they are holding and what they are feeding on.
    This year the fish successfully spawned and the bass fry and small sunfish can be found in
    many areas of the lake. We have caught fish that spit dozens smaller fish out as they fight
    their way to the boat, most of which are small bass, sunfish and shad. Using lures that
    match the size and color of the forage has helped us catch a good amount of fish and some
    During the middle of the week I had the pleasure of guiding Trevor and Brooks. Trevor used
    a fly rod to catch all of his fish, and Brooks stuck with conventional tackle. We caught well
    over 30-fish in the evening and many of them were better than average fish. We used some
    topwater lures, shad and sculpin flies, and sunfish patterned swimbaits.
    On Friday, I spent the day on the water fishing and filming with good friend Josh Parris.
    Last summer we put together a video called Melones Madness Volume 1 that can be found
    on Youtube. Well Friday was the most EPIC day of filming and fishing that we have ever
    had together!
    The morning was a bit slow and we picked up a few fish on
    reaction baits. We really wanted to get some topwater
    footage, but the fish were not responding to it at all. Our
    third stop of the morning we had yet to get any serious
    action on the surface, but that wouldn’t last long.
    As we worked down the bank, I continued to cast out my
    River2Sea Whopper Plopper in hopes we would get a good
    blow-up. I made a cast to a secondary point and let the bait
    sit for a second. After one twitch, the lure dissapeared as
    an absolute giant crushed it and pulled it under. Knowing
    it was a big fish, Josh scrambled for the net, and after a
    short fight we managed to land a monster 10.08-pound
    largemouth bass.
  • We continued fishing throughout the morning and caught quite a few nice fish on reaction
    baits and Senkos. We covered most of the lake and bounced around from different
    structure types, cover types and various depths.
    At about 12:30pm it was getting hot. Instead of calling it a
    day, we decided to capture some footage of the River2Sea
    lures in action. We just happened to do this in an area where
    we had been seeing some big fish.
    On one of our casts for footage, Josh Parris had a giant
    smash his lure on the surface. He successfully fought the
    fish around the flooded cover and landed a beautiful
    largemouth that weighed 7.85-pounds.
    These were two of the biggest fish we have ever caught on
    New Melones in June, the only top water fish of the day, and
    they were also captured on film. We are extremely excited
    and can’t wait to share the video. We will post it for viewing
    as soon as possible.


Aidan landed our biggest bass of the day, a hefty largemouth that weighed 4.53-pounds and was caught on a Senko. 

It is very rewarding to be involved in the future of fishing. What an Xperience for a father and son to share, and I am fortunate to be a part of it.

Xperience Fishing Guide Service

John Liechty (209)743-9932

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