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Fishing Report

July 11, 2017

Bill's Fishing Report

Fishing Report

As everyone can tell the nights are getting cooler and the days are getting shorter. That can only mean one thing, that's right the salmon are heading up river. And the topwater bite in the lakes are wide open.

New Melones

With the hot temperatures lately bass fishing has been a little tough during the day but the fishermen stopping by Glory Hole Sports store report top water action early morning or later in the afternoon using the top water lure Whopper Ploppers in your favorite color and size. 130 or the 90 will do the trick, fish the rocky structure and wood standing alone just off the bank. Remember big bait big fish. Best time for getting your limit will be 6 - 11 am, trolling 60-90 feet around the 49 bridge, Carson cove, and main lake. Stringers of trout are being weighed in daily averaging  3 to 6.5 lbs. Just rig like you would for Kokanee, a pink hoochie, dodgers/flashers optional, with a piece of worm on the hook, Apex lures or needlefish. The crappie bite is also wide open I spoke with 2 young men last Monday that had a 50 fish day using minnows but a majority of the crappie took a white and red mini jig right off the bank right around the boat ramp area, that's all the info I was allowed to share. I saw the same 2 guys the next day and they were already on fish #30 and it was only 9:00am they started at 6:30.  Look for submerged trees and underwater structure. Catfish is has been consistent fishing near the shore using cut baits, night crawlers, live minnows. The water level has gone down some and the last few nights it has began to cool off some this should help fishing all the way around. Kokanee never really got in the game. We always have salmon season in the river . Good luck 

Lake Pardee

Kokanee are still around if you want to pull a pink hoochie behind a chrome and purple rock river dodger in the 48 to 55 foot of water. The boats trolling are also using Apex lures rigged the same way with kokanee corn at the tip of the hook. Like the other lakes it's working good on the big lake trout also. Several large Rainbow Trout have been landed this week some tipping the scale over the seven pound mark. The Bass fishermen are doing good also most of the boats are heading up the river arm using blue and or purple jigs, senkos, or drop-shot. 

Lake Camanche

Your best bet to catch anything would be to try trolling deep and 80 feet deep is where your may find some of the holdover rainbows by the dam. The trout being weighed in are definitely quality fish. If your willing to give your arms a work out, try up river, throwing top water lures just as the sun breaks over the trees the largmouth should start hitting the surface. My son and I have had some action in the morning and the late afternoon throwing white whopper ploppers with much success.

New Hogan

A lake known for its stripper action this time of year is sure making it tough to even put a couple line sides in the boat. My son and hit the lake often, I checked my fish log for this day last year. What did it say your thinking, I'll tell you. It was off the hook, 40 fish days several days I fished from 4:00 to 8:30 and between my son (Dillon) and I we caught 40 + fish in 4 hours that doesn't count the fish we shook off the lure at the boat. We have to remember the water was very low. The bait fish (shad) didn't have much to hide behind. But now with the high water levels it's seldom the boil stay up more than a minute after you arrive. The stripers are still aggressive for the top water lures if the boil is active . The green backs (largemouth) have been on a swimmingly late afternoon top water bite up the lake arm above the Boy Scouts camp ground. From about 5:30 till dark the greenbacks are eating anything on the surface. You can see them feeding just like the stripers do. I thought I was casting into a scattered striper school when Dillon said "Dad get the net it's a big largemouth." He boated a beautiful fat 7.79 largemouth and we then proceed to catch and released several more Green-monsters  over 5 pounds. We caught over 45 largemouth and 5 stripers total that evening and didn't start the big motor one time until we decided to leave. The area we fished was about 200 yards of shoreline estimated we were 25 feet from the shore throwing Powder River to Sea Whopper Ploppers .

Take it to the Limit Guide Service Fishing Report

John put a nice Limit of bows in the boat before noon

Donald and Adam put 2 limits in the boat the biggest went close to 7lbs and was 231/2" long

New Melones is the place to be if you want to put some beautiful trout in your boat. The bows are going deeper with the hotter weather we have been trolling Kokanee speed 1.5 going down from 68' to 80'. Rocky Mountain Tackle pink Moonshine Dodgers have put most of the bow in the boat this week towing pink and blue hoochies, spinners or Apexs. We have been working deep waters near the bank and when you find the shad you find the bows. No Kokanee so far this month!
See Ya On The Water

See Ya On The Water

Take it to the Limit Guide Service

Gary Burns


Xperience Fishing Guide Service Fishing Report

Xperience Fishing Guide Service

Guide: John Liechty


Bass Fishing Report

June 18, 2017

What a great week we had on New Melones Lake. I spent a few days on the water for my Guide Service, and I also had a chance to do some fun fishing and filming. The bite had been relatively tough for the past couple weeks, but this week we caught them. We dialed in on where they are holding and what they are feeding on. This year the fish successfully spawned and the bass fry and small sunfish can be found in many areas of the lake. We have caught fish that spit dozens smaller fish out as they fight their way to the boat, most of which are small bass, sunfish and shad. Using lures that match the size and color of the forage has helped us catch a good amount of fish and some giants.

During the middle of the week I had the pleasure of guiding Trevor and Brooks. Trevor used a fly rod to catch all of his fish, and Brooks stuck with conventional tackle. We caught well over 30-fish in the evening and many of them were better than average fish. We used some topwater lures, shad and sculpin flies, and sunfish patterned swimbaits. On Friday, I spent the day on the water fishing and filming with good friend Josh Parris.

Last summer we put together a video called Melones Madness Volume 1 that can be found on Youtube. Well Friday was the most EPIC day of filming and fishing that we have ever had together! The morning was a bit slow and we picked up a few fish on reaction baits. We really wanted to get some topwater footage, but the fish were not responding to it at all. Our third stop of the morning we had yet to get any serious action on the surface, but that wouldn't last long. As we worked down the bank, I continued to cast out my River2Sea Whopper Plopper in hopes we would get a good blow-up. I made a cast to a secondary point and let the bait sit for a second. After one twitch, the lure dissappeared as an absolute giant crushed it and pulled it under. Knowing it was a big fish, Josh scrambled for the net, and after a short fight we managed to land a monster 10.08-pound largemouth bass.

We continued fishing throughout the morning and caught quite a few nice fish on reaction baits and Senkos. We covered most of the lake and bounced around from different structure types, cover types and various depths. At about 12:30pm it was getting hot. Instead of calling it a day, we decided to capture some footage of the River2Sea lures in action. We just happened to do this in an area where we had been seeing some big fish. On one of our casts for footage, Josh Parris had a giant smash his lure on the surface. He successfully fought the fish around the flooded cover and landed a beautiful largemouth that weighed 7.85-pounds.

These were two of the biggest fish we have ever caught on New Melones in June, the only top water fish of the day, and they were also captured on film. We are extremely excited and can't wait to share the video. We will post it for viewing as soon as possible.

Aidan landed our biggest bass of the day, a hefty largemouth that weighed 4.53-pounds and was caught on a Senko. 

It is very rewarding to be involved in the future of fishing. What an Xperience for a father and son to share, and I am fortunate to be a part of it.

Xperience Fishing Guide Service

John Liechty (209)743-9932