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June 21, 2017

  Saturday June 17, we held our first Sizzlin Summer Fishin Seminar here at Glory Hole Sports. We had a great turnout of guests, bearing the heat of the day to listen to our seminar speakers. Starting off the day was Gary Coe of Kokanee Power touching upon who they are, what they do and where the group is going in 2018 with tournaments. Kory Keller of Hendrix Outdoors came in to talk Kokanee. This guy is a great speaker getting specific on how to get on the koks, the tackle to use, and why. Josh Parris filled in the 11:00 am slot, and hit on tackle for bass fishing, talking Falcon Rods, River2Sea, and what works for him on the water. Vance Staplin followed with a 1/2 hr. talk on tackle setup, gear, presentations, and Kokanee 101. Mike Coleman, professional angler came out sharing his knowledge of bass fishing. John Leichty of Xperience Guide Service came up front and center to talk rising and changing lake conditions, what the bass are doing in times when lake levels rise and fall. Nick Smith of the “Informative Fisherman finished out the seminar card with his tips and tricks to better bass fishing. If you were here for this, you heard from the best in the industry. I doubt you could have found a group of speakers with the combined talent, experience and knowledge these guys have and were willing to share it with others! Thanks goes to all who made our seminar a success. Special thanks to Josh Parris for heading this event up and making the day a great success, and our own store crew who were here to make the day run smoothly.
Gene & Dawn Hildebrand 
New Melones Fishing Report    
by Gene Hildebrand
Glory Hole Sports                                                                                                                                                                                                   
The lake is 22 feet from full with the lake setting at 1065.50 and simply beautiful right now, the main lake has a surface temperature of about 79 degrees and a little cooler up river. There is still some debris floating around so be a cautious boater out there.
The trout have been going deeper in the water column. Trolling for the bows between 45 and 60 ft. would put you in the target area. We are still getting reports of limits being caught by the 49 Bridge and between the two bridges, fishing with Kokanee set-ups, pink Apex lures, pink glow hoochies  topped with garlic shoe peg corn and topping the dodger with scent by Pro-Cure. 
Last week we had Vance Staplin of Vance’s tackle on Melones lake fishing Kokanee. He reported landing one kok, and having two more at the boat before losing them. Pink/chartruse glow hoochies with a blue dodger was working for him.
With the warm weather upon us, look for early morning and late in the evening for some great bass fishing. Using topwater baits from River to Sea has been productive, Whopper Ploppers, Bubble Poppers with a trailer can produce a explosive hit. Have a arsenal of weapons to use while out bassin, POP-R plugs from Rebel and X-RAP by Rapala have some extreme action. You can retrieve these slow with pauses, or rip it across the surface like a fleeing shad.
Brock Graham landed this estimated 6.5-7lb bass, he reported catching it on a black and blue flake senko. 

Here is a couple of baits that are working well for some early morning top water explosions.

River2Sea bubble popper with a feathered trailer, walking and popping action. Gill plates create sound and leave a bubble trail.
Rapala X-RAP POP is a adrenaline pumping top water bait. Belly design allows the X-Rap popper to glide and hold steady at rest. Produces huge bubble trail.

Guide Reports
“Take it to the Limit”  guide, Gary Burns reported-
Jacqueline was on the boat with us this week with her dad and grandfather and landed many nice rainbows.

New Melones where the bows are on the bite and the koks, well is a different story. We put 42 bows in the boat this week up to 3lbs 6oz and all are fat and healthy. As we said last week you have to put your time on the water to put them in the boat it’s not a fast bite. The heaviest weight this week of 2 limits went 23lbs, not a bad day of fishin!
Where you find the shad you will find the bows most of the bows were caught between the two bridges from 36′ down to 48′, again using all Kokanee Tackle.
The Assissin Crystal Watermelon Spinner made by Rocky Mountain Tackle is still on top and a pink and purple Apex is close behind, both topped off with garlic corn. Blades in green, purple and pink worked well with a dab of Pro-Cure 
Trophy Trout I think help get the big bows in the boat.
The Kokanee fishing is still slow, 
I’m hearing of a few being caught here and there, it’s definitely not a normal year for the koks but the ones you get are big and fat.
See Ya On The Water

Take it to the Limit Guide Service
Gary Burns


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