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Fishing Report                                                                                                       May 23, 2017
Glory Hole Sports would like to welcome aboard Bill Lewellen as our new writer for our bi-weekly fishing report. 
You may recognize his name from the Lodi News-Sentinel newspaper, as Bill had his own column and reported on area lakes and rivers. Bill has fished competitively for over 18 years, he has also been a consultant involved with the manufacturing of several different lures and tackle products.
We are excited and look forward to sharing his knowledge and experience with all of you.  
Well it’s true the water is still coming up, the launch ramps are available with plenty of parking. Other than some windy days the past week, fishing is on point.  Be careful of the floating debris floating from the high water levels. Other than that don’t forget to pick up something to eat from the Glory Hole Sports Deli before heading out on the water for a great day of fishing. Be sure to check out the great lure selection currently on display. We have all the up to date arsenal needed to help catch that fish everyone has on there bucket list.        
The bass fishing is still happening. The bass fishermen are weighing in decent size limits. I currently had great success with brown colored senkos with red glitter, topwater lures, shad patterned whopper ploppers being my personal favorite.
Throwing crank baits to invoke a reaction bite is right around the corner. It’s just a good time to be on the water at New Melones. This week two nice largemouth were caught by Steve and Anthony Zagar the first one was 8.1 lb. the second fish was a 6.5 lb. largemouth. Both fish were caught on a K5 Candy moss stick.
As you would guess the trout are on the bite, with the combination of the high water level and great weather we are having, it’s no secret you can pull some quality fish in by trolling just a few feet under the surface. The consistent snow melt coming into the lake keeps the water temperature somewhat consistent, which was reported to be at about 72 degrees. The word is top lining in areas around Coyote Creek, Angels Creek and near the spillway and dam. Look for surface feeding trout. Kokanee gear is working great for the trout also. Pull some brightly colored hoochies and spinners trolled behind a sling blade will work best. For the bank fishermen things have slowed down, it won’t pick up for a few weeks from now. The rivers and streams have opened in the high country.
This past week fishing depths of 15 to 16 feet deep while trolling spinners and hoochies behind Rocky Mountain slingblades in purple/pink that has been the secret weapon this week. It doesn’t hurt to tip the hook with some scented Kokanee corn.
With the catfish, it’s not necessary for a long cast from the shoreline. The big ones are currently cruising the shoreline looking for any benefits from the high water levels and hunting the shallow waters for freshly spawned bluegills, largemouth bass and shad for a meal. For luck from the shoreline just rig your rod with a sliding sinker setup using frozen shad or night crawlers, use a short cast or fish around some sort of structure.
Local guide Gary Burns of “Take it to the Limit Guide Service” is putting 15 to 16 inch healthy Kokanee in the boat. Gary makes it look to easy. This last week he was trolling 15′ to 16′ feet down on the downriggers while pulling spinners and hoochies behind a Rocky Mountain sling blade purple/pink was the combo he chose for that trip. It also doesn’t hurt to use Kokanee corn with your choice of scent. Finding the right speed to troll at is just as important as the bait you use. Any time you catch a fish look at your depth and speed it shouldn’t be any faster than 2 miles an hour.
I hope this helps you on your next fishing trip. Let me know what you think by emailing
“Keep your lure in the strike zone”
Bill Lewellen


 GUIDE REPORTS          Bass Fishing Report

May 21st, 2017

The bass fishing on New Melones has been a little hit and miss. Some days we are finding plenty of fish, along with some giants and other days we are working for each and every bite. Even on the tougher days we are averaging 15 to 20-fish. New Melones is a great fishery and it is not uncommon to catch 30 to 40-fish in a day.

Changing techniques and adapting to the conditions has been a major key to our success. We were faced with another week of unstable weather, cold nights, a drizzle of rain and gusty winds. However, we made the proper adjustments and found some quality fish on each trip.

The fish are at the tail end of their annual spawn and are in a post spawn stage. When the surface warms we have been finding topwater fish in the mornings and evenings. When it cools we are going with a subsurface reaction presentation. Spinnerbaits, crankbaits and small swimbaits will put fish in the boat.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Rick Helmonds for a couple days. About an hour into the first day of our guide trip, Rick stuck an impressive 6.2-pound largemouth. We were targeting an area that would hold both spawn and post spawn fish. This beauty inhaled a swimbait in shallow water.

Xperience Fishing Guide Service
John Liechty

Guide Report from Take it to the Limit Guide Service


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