Glory Hole Sports New Melones Lake Records


BROWN TROUT:  13-pounds, 4-ounces caught by Michael Oliveira of Hilmar on December 30, 2011. Michael used a shad patterned crank bait and was fishing near the dam.

RAINBOW TROUT: 14 lb. 4 oz. caught by Chris Peterson of Folsom, Ca. on January 25, 2018. Chris used a bladed chartreuse patterned voo doo bait.

LARGEMOUTH BASS: 18.11-pounds caught by Kyle Gentry of Oakdale on February 6, 2010.Caught during an Anglers Choice Western Rookie League tournament- may be a record for biggest bass ever caught in a tournament! Kyle used a brown/purple jig with a Yamamoto 5” Twin-Tail Grub in cinnamon/purple for a trailer. Kyle caught the bass 20 feet deep in the back of a cut. After weighing her in at the tournament, Kyle returned the fish back to where he caught her on the lake.

SPOTTED BASS:  10.48-pounds caught by Keith Bryan, who is the CEO of Powell Rods on February 22, 2014.  This fish was caught during a CTT Pro/Am tournament.  He reported hooking the fish on a (330) Yamamoto Senko wacky rigged.

CATFISH:  36-pounds caught by Dean Nelson of Tuolumne in 1994.  Vienna sausage was the bait of choice.

KOKANEE:  2.LB 11 OZ. caught by Jimmy Velazquez of Waterford on June 25, 2017. Jimmy caught this Kokanee north of Rose Island trolling at 60 ft. using double bladed spinner behind a Seps dodger in pink & teal.


CRAPPIE: 3 lb. 47 oz.   Josh Parris of San Andreas, Ca. landed this 16 1/2″ slab using a Pline Lazer Minnow. This Crappie hit the Pline on the fall near the spillway on New Melones Lake November 15, 2019