As of March 1, 2016, GLORY HOLE SPORTS has new owners, Gene Hildebrand and his fiancé Dawn Masters;

The adventure has begun…..
      Gene and I would like to introduce ourselves and say how extremely excited we are to be in beautiful Angels Camp and running the awesome GLORY HOLE SPORTS store. We had our eyes on GLORY HOLE SPORTS for the last 2 ½ years. The end of last year we made the jump and proposed an offer to Dan & Melanie Lewis the owners of GLORY HOLE SPORTS for the last 20 years.
      After making several trips up here from our home down in Leona Valley, CA (north Los Angeles County) we fell in love with the area and the historic small town community. We especially loved the GLORY HOLE SPORTS store and what it represented in the community as a convenient tackle and marine store, gas station and deli. The store simply had that special “feel” about it, which not to mention, puts out some incredible tri-tip sandwiches (and yes we are keeping the tri-tip sandwiches on the menu and hope soon to add some smoked meats as well).
      After discussing our thoughts of buying GLORY HOLE SPORTS and moving north to Gold Country (and not to mention getting married) each one of our 4 adult children, gave us their blessings and support to go forward with our new adventure. So Gene made the call to Melanie Lewis and 4 months later… here we are! The journey to get here was by no means an easy one, which makes this so much more rewarding for Gene and I. We are very happy to have finally made it and can say we could not be happier that we did. (outside of missing our kids of course!).
      Gene and I quickly discovered we have a bit of a learning curve, as some of you may have already experienced at the register!  Gene has been a successful General Contractor for the last 30+ years and I am a former paralegal coming from the legal world. We have determined that running a retail, gas station and deli business all proves to be every bit as challenging!! So thank you all for your continued patience as we learn the ropes!
      We also cannot say enough about our wonderful and patient employees, John, Sherryl, Kelli and Ken; that a lot of you have come to know so well throughout the years. We feel so very lucky to have them remain on with us and continue to make GLORY HOLE SPORTS the awesome fishing/tackle, deli store that it is. Gene and I will continue to fine tune a few things at GLORY HOLE SPORTS that will only make this store even better than it already is.
      Gene is currently designing a beautiful new deli seating area in the store, most of the wood work he is prepping and working on from home. So stay posted, this is going to be good!! We hope to have that completed by our RE-GRAND OPENING DAY on APRIL 23, 2016.  Please come out and join us on our re-grand opening day as we will be offering some great discounts, a raffle prize and some other surprises that you will definitely want to take advantage of.  Gene and I want to show our appreciation to all the GLORY HOLE SPORTS loyal customers and to the new customers to come.
      As a lot of you already know, Melones Lake has officially opened a concrete ramp with a floating dock!!!! That has been a long awaited day and we all could not be happier.
      So stop on in on your way to Melones or wherever your destination may be for your tackle needs, sandwiches, and drinks for the day and say “Hi” to Gene and I.