April 7, 2014

Scent Chamber

We often talk about different scents and applications.  When trolling any setup it is a must to have a swivel or two incorporated in each rig.  Without a swivel your baits and blades can create line twist which will result in a large bird’s nest.

This is a new way to use scent to attract fish while trolling.


Oregon Tackle Scent Chamber

A scent chamber will serve two purposes.  It will replace a bead chain swivel or can be used in tandem with other swivels.

Most importantly it will hold scent for long periods of time.


The scent chamber comes with small tubes that will make filling the chamber with scent very easy.


The tubes work extremely well with Pro Cure gels.


Simply fill the chamber with your favorite flavor of Pro Cure and begin trolling.


The great thing is this chamber will slowly leak the gel and create a scent slick that will draw fish from a distance.


The best location for the scent chamber/swivel is tied above the dodger with a short leader separating them.  This should work great for kokanee and rainbow trout.  Also try targeting large brown trout by rolling shad with a scent chamber filled with shad gel.