Late Summer Trout Bite

It’s a little early for the late summer trout bite but some anglers are starting to find a few nice fish here and there.

Each year at the end of summer and into the fall, the shad start to school and stage at the mouths of major creek channels.  During this transition period the trout will target these balls of shad and feed heavily on them.


The shad use deep water creek channel as a migration route to and from shallow water.  The trout also follow these same routes to feed and spawn.  Right now we are starting to see signs of schooling shad in deep water and some anglers are catching some quality rainbows that are feeding on these baitfish.


One thing that needs to be determined when fishing for trout that are locked on shad is, what size are the shad?  Fishing with lures that are the same size and color will drastically increase your hook up ratio.


Pay close attention and you most likely will find a shad or two that you can examine and compare you lure to.

Next time you hit the water try trolling shad patterns in deep water in hopes to be at the front of what is usually an awesome late summer trout bite.

Thanks- from all of us at Glory Hole Sports