We often talk about fishing in stained and murky water or in low light conditions.  One thing that is important to keep in mind is how much water does the bait move.   Bass use their lateral line to locate their prey.  This means they often feel or sense the bait long before they see it.

In water conditions with low visibility, the bass will rely on sound, vibration and feel.   Bulky soft plastic baits that have appendages, arms, legs, fins, claws and tails will move more water than a slender straight rubber worm.

There are many choices of bulky baits and they will all work at some point in time.  Here is a new soft plastic bait called the Z Craw, made by Zoom Baits.   This is a good example of a bait that was designed to move water.  It can be fished alone or as a trailer.

Try fishing the Z Craw on a shakey head rigged weedless.  The ribs on the bait will catch water as it falls and crawls across the bottom.

The Z Craw makes a perfect trailer for a swim jig or a chatterbait.  The claws at the bottom will kick back and forth even on a very slow retrieve.

Try fishing the Z Craw under a skirt around wood and thick cover.  Use a bead to add an additional ticking sound.

Keep water clarity and light in mind the next time you hit the water and try using a presentation the fish feel before they see.