No Fishing Pressure

When lakes get fished heavily and have an abundance of boating traffic the fish will get finicky and much harder to catch.  They become accustomed to seeing way too many flashy lures and become very selective.

The opposite will happen when there is little to no fishing pressure and boating traffic.  The fish will feel very comfortable and will be more likely to sample random flashy baits.  That will soon be the case once the lake level stabilizes.

We can anticipate the lake coming to a stable level sometime in October or November regardless of rainfall.  Obviously some serious rain would help.

The fresh water flushing the lake, stable to rising water and this void of fishing pressure is setting us up for possibly some of the best fishing ever. The last time the lake dropped to this level, once it started to fill bank anglers were catching limits of 4 to 6-pound trout during the winter months.

Measured in CFS (cubic feet per second)

07/15/2004         OUT-1741            IN-312
10/15/2004         OUT-186              IN-719
11/15/2004         OUT-14                 IN-545
07/15/2005         OUT-1641            IN-1568
10/15/2005         OUT-724              IN-979
11/15/2005         OUT-0                   IN-865
07/15/2006         OUT-2809            IN-1315
10/15/2006         OUT-305              IN-1177
11/15/2006         OUT-140              IN-930
07/15/2007         OUT-1949            IN-676
10/15/2007         OUT-801              IN-700
11/15/2007         OUT-343              IN-545
07/15/2008         OUT-1839            IN-653
10/15/2008         OUT-5                   IN-524
11/15/2008         OUT-4                   IN-361
07/15/2009         OUT-2120            IN-843
10/15/2009         OUT-8                   IN-902
11/15/2009         OUT-11                 IN-359
07/15/2010         OUT-2508            IN-1414
10/15/2010         OUT-20                 IN-977
11/15/2010         OUT-12                 IN-623
07/15/2011         OUT-4063            IN-2838
10/15/2011         OUT-2102            IN-1187
11/15/2011         OUT-16                 IN-1091
07/15/2012         OUT-1905            IN-584
10/15/2012         OUT-1443            IN-234
11/15/2012         OUT-697              IN-537
07/15/2013         OUT-2498            IN-414
10/15/2013         OUT-685              IN-478
11/15/2013         OUT-353              IN-488

10-year average

July (mid-summer)          OUT-2307            IN-1061
October (early-fall)          OUT-627              IN-787
November (mid-fall)        OUT-159              IN-634

The lake level drops every summer, unfortunately this year more than others.

In October they start to hold back water and allow more to flow in.

In November they nearly stop releasing and collect as much water as possible for the following year.

Hope this pattern proves true and the lake fills to a more comfortable launching and fishing level soon.

Thanks- from all of us at Glory Hole Sports