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New Melones Anglers Report


by Gene Hildebrand, Glory Hole Sports

MON-SUNDAY 7:00-2:00 PM 
MON-SUNDAY : 7:00-2:00 PM 
Fish Report June 22, 2020                      New Melones Reservoir


New Melones Reservoir lake elevation has been on the decline, dropping 11 feet in the last 30 days. Current elevation is 1028.80 and 62.20 from full. Water temperature 78d. and rising.           Glory Hole boat ramps:  Highest ramp is in water from 1088.00 to 1025.00  Medium ramp is in water from 1028.00-to 940.00
Tuttletown boat ramps: Highest ramp in water from 1088.00 to 1031.00  Middle ramp in water from 1036.00 to 942.00
Angels Cove boat ramp:  Only one ramp- it’s in water from 1088’ to 975’

Richard Kewski, very familiar angler at New Melones was back on the lake and slayed a beautiful Trout and Kokanee combo. 7.5 lb. Trout and a 19" Kokanee trolling at 40 to 60 ft. deep and using a dodger with hoochie.
Local Marvin Wells brought in a nice 6lb.6oz. Brown trout that did not survive the battle along with a 3.9 lb. Trout trolling a Needlefish by the 49 bridge at 42 ft. deep
main lake and Carson Cove.
Harold Garibald was back in the action with a couple Rainbows and Kokanee . Harold was fishing near Rose Island using Needlefish in Pink @ 45 ft. deep.
BASS Angling has been good thru early morning with a top water bite going on using different crankbaits, chatterbaits, ripbaits. Jigs and plastic baits also producing some good action as the morning sun warms up the surface temps.
Nice slabs have been reported in different areas of the lake using live minnows, Crappie jigs and Gulp Crappie Nibbles.
Soaking cutbaits, chicken livers, and Berkley Catfish bait have been successful. Fish the narrow muddy coves near the shoreline. Take advantage of driftwood jambs in coves.


Dept. Fish and Wildlife has given New Melones an allotment for a trout plant which occured between March 15, and the 21st. Anglers are reporting landing trout up to 14", and sighting trout breaching the water surface on the lake. Try fishing for trout using worms and power bait at Glory Hole Point, and up Angels Creek. Anglers can hike into the creek arm via the Buckbrush day use area.
No reports of Kokanee this month. This year we are anticipating another good Kokanee season, usually getting started end of April/early May.
You need to create opportunity to land large bass by using everything in your arsenal when your not having success. Many of you already know when a certain bait is not producing for you its time to change it up. Find the location and pattern that works, on that shelf with a prevailing wind using a baby brush hog, points, submerged island tops, fishing a weedless rig thru a rocky section. Point is, if you change it up, you will land bass, the bite has been good with reports of anglers landing 15 a day with some large 10 lb. girls in the mix. Also reported was a nice 7.49 lb spot.
No reports of Catfish
Minnows are anglers choice for fishing Crappie the last couple weeks. Jess and Matt Harvey got into them on the main lake using various colored mini jigs. They reported landing 26 all together and were fishing in about 20ft. water depth.
New Melones fishing report 3/17/2020
Spring is in the air, air and water temps were on the rise. Although it's very early and we have had a bit of cooler weather with more on the way the fishing should continue to pick up. During the next week of rainy weather the fish will be moving shallow and starting to feeding up before they hit beds. There are already a few on beds and more will continue to show up so long as water temps don't continue to fall.
The bite has been day to day, one day being absolutely amazing, fish eating everything and the next the fish seeming to be unwilling to move or bite. During this time of year you have to junk fish until you key in on a pattern. I'll typically start with reaction style baits like glide baits/swimbaits, crank baits, rip baits and bladed jigs. If I'm not finding any fish willing to chase I switch up to more finesse like weightless stick baits, dart headed worms, jigs, ned rigs and drop shot. Feel out the bite every day and switch it up throughout the day.
Stevo with a 10.49lb large mouth caught during a recent trip on a Swimbait.
4.25 lb spot caught by Dusty on a jig.
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