Rolling Shad

Rolling shad is a great way to troll for large browns and rainbows.  Last week we talked a bit about how to brine and cure frozen shad.

This week we will look at a few different rigging methods.  The key to this technique is to bend the shad so it will have a steady rolling action.  With a slight bend the shad will have a very tight roll.  The more bend you apply the more drastic the roll will be.  It is also very important to use a swivel or two to prevent serious line twist.

Some weights will have a built in bead chain swivel.  These weights are great for rolling shad and trolling in general.

Mag Tackle double hook shad harness

A very popular way to rig shad for this technique is by using a double hook rig.  Place one hook in the shad mouth and the other near the tail.  Then cinch the hooks toward each other until the shad has a bend in it.

Pro Troll Roto Chip with E Chip inside

Another way to rig them is with a harness.  Some harnesses will clamp down on the head of the shad to hold it in place. On the side of the harness there is a fin that will push water and create a rolling action.

The Glory Hole Hooker Shad Harness

Back by popular demand the Glory Hole Hooker Shad Harness.  This metal strip can be pushed through the back of the shad and out the mouth.   Then, clip a snap swivel to the front of the strip.  The metal is soft, so once it has been inserted into the shad you can bend it to create a desired roll.

Try a line with a rolling shad the next time you hit the water.

Remember: We do encourage catch and release of brown trout.  The Department of Fish and Game will no longer be planting them.  Carefully weigh, photo and release the fish.  Send us pictures and details of your catch to be included in the newsletter and share on the web.