Baby Bass

Every spring the bass move into shallow water and spawn.  They lay millions of eggs with the hope that some will hatch and grow to be adult fish.

Small crankbaits work well and resemble baby bass swimming through the shallow water.

A very small population will reach full growth.  Once the eggs hatch and become small fish (often referred to as bass fry) they will school with each other to increase their survival rate.  At this stage they will feed on small aquatic organisms.


Bass are triggered by many things, color is one of them.  A baby bass colored Senko is green with gold and black flake.

Not all bass will spawn at the same time so there will be bass fry at different stages in the growth cycle throughout the summer months.  These small bass are a primary food source for many creatures including birds, turtles and most importantly other fish.


A baby baby colored C.R.L. swim jig works well around heavy cover because it has weed gaurd and won’t hang up much.

Small schools of fry will hunker in the brush and around trees and laydowns.  Cover offers protection from predators.


A walk the dog style bait will represent a baby bass feeding on the surface on small aquatic insects.

Bass will try to eat anything their size and smaller.  They are cannibals, very aggressive and will eat their young.   For example, a 10″ bass will easily eat a 3″ bass, and a 3-pound bass can easily eat a 10″ bass.


Big lures catch big fish.  This bass patterned S-waver should do the trick.

With this in mind, now is a great time to use baby bass patterned baits.